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Company News

The second ship's internal communication equipment was successfully sent to Zhoushan

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Recently, Zhejiang Zhoushan customers successfully completed the production of two whole marine internal communication equipment ordered by our company and delivered them today. The products of this set of marine internal communication system include: general emergency alarm system, public address system, alarm indicator, fog whistle controller, power box and other products, which are all integrated produced by our company. This set of internal products has passed the ship inspection, which is highly praised by the customer.

The reason for this achievement is that kepney company clearly recognizes that good quality is the foundation of basing itself on the market. Therefore, our company makes every effort to improve the product structure, performance and service industrial chain, participates in the international market competition with high-quality, high-performance, high-efficiency and high value-added products, and has won the general recognition and praise of the majority of users at home and abroad, Taizhou kepuni communication equipment Co., Ltd. will also make persistent efforts to create greater brilliance!