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Industry Dynamics

Analysis of GCs low voltage draw out switchgear

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Analysis of GCs low voltage draw out switchgear

The device is suitable for low-voltage power distribution systems such as power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile and high-rise buildings. In large power plants, petrochemical systems and other places with high degree of automation and requiring computer interface, it is used as a complete set of low-voltage power distribution equipment for power distribution, centralized control of electric machines and reactive power compensation in power generation and power supply systems with three-phase AC frequency of 50 (60) Hz, rated working voltage of 380V (400), (600) and rated current of 4000A and below.

Features of GCs low voltage draw out switchgear:

Improve the heat capacity of the adapter and greatly reduce the additional temperature rise caused by the temperature rise of the adapter to the connector, cable head and partition plate. The separation between functional units and isolation shall be clear and reliable, and the failure of one unit will not affect the work of other units, so as to limit the failure to the minimum range.

The bus horizontal arrangement device has good thermal stability and can withstand the impact of 80 / 176ka short-circuit current. The number of circuits of MCC cabinet is up to 22, which fully considers the needs of automatic electric door (machine) groups in power plants with large single unit capacity, petrochemical systems and other industries. The connection between the device and external cables is completed in the cable compartment, and the cables can go in and out up and down. The zero sequence current transformer is placed in the cable compartment to facilitate installation and maintenance. The same power distribution system can limit the short-circuit current by matching the current limiting reactor, stabilize the bus voltage at a certain value, and partially reduce the requirements for the short-circuit strength of components.

The drawer unit has enough secondary connectors (32 pairs for 1 unit and above and 20 pairs for 1 / 2 unit), which can meet the requirements of computer interface and automatic control circuit for the number of contacts.