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Industry Dynamics

Operating instructions for main control switch of marine electrical devices

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Operating instructions for main control switch of marine electrical appliances - electrical devices:

Marine electrical distribution box is an essential main control switch of electrical device circuit. The installation of distribution box is related to the daily control of home circuit, so how to install it correctly is particularly important. First of all, the box body of the distribution box shall be free from damage, which is divided into metal shell and plastic shell. There are open installation and concealed installation. There shall be inspection transparent windows on the door panel. For the surface mounted distribution box installed on the wall, it shall be fixed with expansion bolts. The bolt length is generally the thickness of the box bottom plate, the thickness of nuts and washers and the free distance of the buried depth. The power line of the screw fuse in the marine electrical distribution box shall be connected with the intermediate contact, the load line shall be connected with the threaded terminal, and the porcelain plug-in fuse shall be installed vertically.