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Industry Dynamics

Description of marine distribution box and lighting distribution box

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Description of differences between marine electrical appliances - distribution box and lighting distribution box:

The power distribution box and lighting distribution box of marine electrical appliances should be set separately, and the power and lighting lines in the same distribution box should be set separately. The electrical appliances in the distribution box shall be first installed on the non-metallic or wooden insulated electrical installation board, and then fastened in the distribution box as a whole. The metal plate shall be electrically connected with the iron distribution box. For the two-stage leakage in the distribution box and switch box, the rated leakage action current and rated leakage action time of the protector shall be reasonably matched to make it have the function of hierarchical and sectional protection. When checking and repairing the distribution box and switch box of marine electrical appliances, the corresponding power switch at the previous level must be switched off and powered off, and the power-off sign shall be hung. Live working is strictly prohibited.